eVolo 2010 Skyscraper Competition

September 29, 2009

A competition examining the relationship between the skyscraper and the natural world, the community, and urban living.

eVolo invites student and professional architects, engineers and designers to take part in the 2010 Skyscraper Competition.

The competition aims to push the boundaries and redefine the term ‘skyscraper’ through the use of new materials, technology, aesthetics, programs, and spatial organisation. Globalisation, environmental warming, flexibility, adaptability and the digital revolution are just some of the elements that should be taken into consideration.

*November 17 2009*: Early registration deadline
*January 12 2010*: Late registration deadline
*January 18 2010*: Project submission deadline
*February 12 2010*: Winners announced

For more information go to ["":]

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