Creative Cities East Asia: show us your city

January 13, 2010

What are the most creative cities in Asia? Enter and win a trip to the London Festival of Architecture.

Call­ing urban dwell­ers: we want to exper­i­ence your world. Take us on a jour­ney through the streets and social spaces of your neighbour­hood, tell us what inspires you, what frus­trates you, and what you think makes your part of the world unique.

Take part in Creative Cities East Asia and be in the running to win a trip to the ["2010 London Festival of Architecture":] (which runs from June 19–July 24 2010). Flights, acco­mod­a­tion and some expenses will be covered.

Take us on a vir­tual walk through the streets of your neighbourhood, or a part of your city that interests you. You can do this through words, images, tagged maps, sound or video.

Entry is open to res­id­ents of any of the 12 coun­tries within the scope of the Cre­at­ive Cit­ies East Asia blog: Aus­tralia, China, Indone­sia, Japan, Korea, Malay­sia, New Zea­l­and, Phil­ip­pines, Singa­pore, Taiwan, Thai­l­and and Vietnam.

You may enter in two ways:

1. You could upload your entry to your own blog, Flickr account, or other web­site, then post a link in the com­ments thread on the ["website":].

2. Email ["info@cre­at­ive­cit­":mailto:info@cre­at­ive­cit­] with a link to your entry, or your entry as a PDF, slideshow present­a­tion, video, or in another com­monly accep­ted format.

For more information, visit ["":]

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