New landmark building and technology hub at UTS

The new FEIT building joins other new landmark buildings within the rapidly transforming and revitalised western gateway to Sydney’s CBD.

Design tools and the urgency of architecture

One of our contributing online editorial assistants navigates software in an attempt to unearth new possibilities for architectural practice.

Tolerance and customisation: A question of value

With the devaluation of digital fabrication owing to its overuse, it is the responsibility of designers to reintroduce value into designs by synthesising multiple and complementary sources through innovative methods.

Smartlight for screen environments

Brightgreen Ideahub has launched Luto, a smartlight for screen environments, on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

The end of prefabrication

Chris Knapp reflects upon the series of utopian misfires in prefabrication’s evolution and asks why architects have not managed to capitalise effectively upon the platform.

What Design Can Do

Jeanne Tan shares her highlights from the third iteration of this Amsterdam-based conference, which projects design as a catalyst of change and social, economic and environmental renewal.

Book review: Digital Fabrication in Architecture

Michael Holt reviews 'Digital Fabrication in Architecture', an expansive book exploring the possibilities of technology in the field of architecture.

The Wired City

In this excerpt from his new book, City: A Guidebook for the Urban Age, PD Smith explores the history of ‘invisible’ urban infrastructure, from the network of subterranean steam pipes synchronising Paris clocks in the 1870s to the ‘organism’ that is Seoul today. The next step: a city that talks back to its citizens?

Learning spaces of tomorrow

As universities look to better prepare students for ‘the real world’, should the design of education facilities be learning lessons from workplace design? Woods Bagot Principal Sarah Ball reports on some of the practice’s latest research into education design of the future.

Living Architecture

Rachel Armstrong talks about how using artificial cells can create create responsive buildings for the harsh 21st century.

Lucy McRae’s Body Architecture

The work of artist and former architect Lucy McRae straddles the fields of fashion, film and fantasy. She talks to Simon Sellars about the inspirations behind her career.