Robot to revolutionise bricklaying

Perth-based company Fastbrick Robotics has created a robotic bricklayer capable of constructing a house by itself in less than two days.

Melbourne to Sydney in under two hours: high speed rail link proposed

A private company has released a $200 billion plan for a high-speed rail network connecting Melbourne and Sydney via Canberra, with the construction of eight new cities along the way.

World’s first Tesla town to be built in Melbourne

Is this the green suburb of the future? Using Elon Musk's groundbreaking Powerwall technology, a new development planned for inner city Melbourne is set to become a sustainable battery-powered precinct.

Architecture and the Internet of Things

Architects revel in design, pushing the bounds of the discipline through their pursuit of innovation. With the advent of connective technologies like cloud-based working, we are squarely in the sharing age – and the architecture and design industries are evolving to keep up with the rapid pace of change.

The practical future of lighting

"What the end game actually is, is to provide lighting as seamlessly as possible," says Steve Cahill, CEO and co-founder of enLighten Australia, ahead of his presentation at Total Facilities next week.

Eight essential apps for architects and designers

Technology is here to help not hinder and Anthony Caruana, editor of MacWorld, has compiled a list of eight essential apps for architects and designers that will make life easier with the touch of a finger.

Brightgreen releases the low-glare, high-impact D700+ LED downlight

Australian LED technology company Brightgreen introduces the latest addition to its range of premium Tru-Colour interior lights.

Q+A: prefabricated building with Modscape

There has been a recent surge in popularity for prefab construction, yet the technique still polarises the architecture and design community, carrying the stigma of a ‘quick-fix’ production line solution. We speak with Jan Gyrn from Modscape about shifting attitudes towards modular building.

Margins: architecture and profits

Tobias Partners, i2C architects and Mark Williams Architects share their thoughts on how profit has the potential to protect the integrity of architecture and design, in an insightful article by Jamie Millar of Total Synergy.

Reconceptualising the design studio for today’s students

How do educators design the collaborative studio environment to suit 21st century practice? A topical article by Dr Nicki Wragg, senior lecturer in design at Swinburne University of Technology.

Beyond ‘Things That Flicker’: The Next Step for Media Architecture

Matthew Claudel, a researcher at the MIT Senseable Cities Lab, investigates what the future holds for media architecture and implores it to explore ideas beyond 'TV screens for living in'.