Agency and change: robotics and other disruptive construction technologies

UTS is on the frontline of investigation into the current and the coming disruption in the AEC industry. Its research reveals it’s vital that Australia invests in robotics if it is to remain competitive on the world stage. When trying to predict the future it is always important to reflect on the past and take […]

The doors to disruption

The world is changing at a rate of knots. As industry after industry finds its traditional systems have been overtaken by new and different ways of doing things, the key to remaining relevant is to keep ahead of the curve by working out what people need and providing it before someone else can. If they […]

TILT uses latest technologies to control sunlight at UTS Central

Industrial design firm TILT supplied innovative technologies and manufacturing techniques to provide shading for the new UTS Central building at the University of Technology Sydney. The UTS Central concept, by architects FJMT (with the original Broadway Podium design by Lacoste + Stevenson and DJRD), was to design a building that responds to its harsh urban […]

Fit for a fitout – wireless access control in office spaces

When fitting or retrofitting access control solutions in workspaces and offices, architects need to consider their end users’ time restraints, need for flexibility and ease of use and, of course, purse strings. In May of this year, the website published an article entitled ‘Co-Working is the New Normal, and these Stats Prove It’. It […]

Can living walls make our cities more sustainable?

Tel Aviv-based company, Vertical Field, is launching “the largest ever research study” on the impact smart living walls have on health and the environment in urban areas. Vertical Field, which provides smart living walls and vertical fields for leading companies like Facebook and Apple, has partnered with professor Itamar Lensky and colleagues from Bar-Ilan University […]

Australia ‘could lead the world’ in sustainable infrastructure says new report

Australia could lead the world in sustainable infrastructure with benefits for the community and business says Infrastructure Australia (IA) in the Australian Infrastructure Audit released today. The Green Building Council of Australia welcomes the report as fresh evidence to support urgent action to ensure the productivity, resilience and sustainability of cities and communities across Australia. […]

Technology is making cities ‘smart’ but it’s also costing the environment

The Australian government has allocated $50 million for the Smarter Cities and Suburbs Program to encourage projects that “improve the livability, productivity and sustainability of cities and towns across Australia”. Mark Sawyer, lecturer in Architecture, University of Western Australia, takes a look at the environmental costs of smart cities. One project funded under the program […]

Cloud connected doors are the next level up

Entry as a Service is the next level up of automatic door maintenance and technology, explains dormakaba’s Kevin Blacow. We’re now used to the idea of the Internet of Things (IoT) connecting many of the staple appliances and fixtures of our everyday lives to the cloud and, therefore, each other, but what may surprise is […]

How Qantas is using virtual reality to improve its design process

Qantas has collaborated with industrial designer David Caon and Akin Atelier to design its new first class lounge in Singapore and used virtual reality (VR) to revolutionise the design process. When Qantas wanted to design its new first class lounge in Singapore Changi Airport the airline turned to long time collaborator David Caon. As part […]

How can we design desirable cities of the future?

According to the latest UN projections, the world’s population is set to grow by 2.9 billion – that’s the equivalent of two more African continents – in the next 33 years. By that time, it’s expected that humans will have developed into an almost exclusively urban species with 80-90 percent of people living in cities. […]