Hames Sharley explores room-sized VR

Hames Sharley’s South Australian Studio Leader and Director, Leon Gouws has partnered with Professor Ning Gu from UniSA’s Australian Research Centre for Interactive and Virtual Environments (IVE) to explore innovative ways to integrate VR and AR into both practice and education. The pair are exploring the application of a new VR infrastructure recently acquired at […]

Digital twin technology set to “transform the industry quicker than ever before” says UNSW expert.

The digital twin is the next frontier of construction management, a University of New South Wales expert says.  “A digital twin is a digital replica of a physical entity utilising the internet of things enabling two-way communications between them,” says Dr Samad Sepasgozar from UNSW Built Environment.  The idea is that for every physical item […]

The evolution of computational design

The tools of architectural design are evolving constantly, and the possibilities of computational design are only just being discovered. Nothing will ever replace sketching with a pad and pencil, says Jeremy Graham, but as the next iteration after CAD (computer aided design) and three-dimensional modelling, computational design is another tool in the architect’s kit. The […]

Twin peeks – Willow and digital twinning

Digital twinning is fast becoming an invaluable tool for those working the built environment. ADR talks to Tom White from Willow, who explains how the technology is revolutionising the sector. In simple terms what does WillowDigital do? Tom White: Willow is the digital twin for the built world. We are a technology company revolutionising the […]

Bricklayers meet augmented reality

Agency and change: robotics and other disruptive construction technologies