Easy as one, two, three – master keying

In one of those crushing blows designed to disappoint 99 percent of AR’s readership, I’m here to tell you that despite what you’ve learned at the movies or from reading books, there is really no such thing as a skeleton key. Yes, there are keys that have been filed or cut so that they can […]

How Qantas is using virtual reality to improve its design process

Qantas has collaborated with industrial designer David Caon and Akin Atelier to design its new first class lounge in Singapore and used virtual reality (VR) to revolutionise the design process. When Qantas wanted to design its new first class lounge in Singapore Changi Airport the airline turned to long time collaborator David Caon. As part […]

How can we design desirable cities of the future?

According to the latest UN projections, the world’s population is set to grow by 2.9 billion – that’s the equivalent of two more African continents – in the next 33 years. By that time, it’s expected that humans will have developed into an almost exclusively urban species with 80-90 percent of people living in cities. […]

A guide to growth

It’s a generally regarded truism in any business that growth is good – if you’re not getting bigger, then surely you’re either stagnating or, worse, shrinking or going backward. But in uncertain economic times, non-stop expansion isn’t always the best option. Sometimes it may be prudent to whittle away, to deliver a lean, mean and […]

Integrating architecture and light

Margot Krasojević’s latest project is a positive energy hotel