We shouldn’t be “designing just for design’s sake,” says Edition Office

Within the grey walls of their Fitzroy studio, Edition Office directors Kim Bridgland and Aaron Roberts craft buildings that move beyond beauty to become considered explorations of our relationship to place and context. There is something mesmeric about an afternoon spent listening to Edition Office talk about design philosophy. In a sweltering Fitzroy studio with […]

Women in architecture: Architectus design leaders Marina Carroll and Elizabeth Seuseu

In a video interview with Architectus principal Marina Carroll and senior associate Elizabeth Seuseu, filmed in the less-than-ideal settings we’re all painfully familiar with now, the women speak frankly about gender and the industry with Australian Design Review and inside editor Elisa Scarton. Carroll joined Architectus Sydney in 2012. With a particular interest in learning […]

Help staff members “feel connected and safe in their roles” during COVID-19, says Greenbox Architecture

This week’s virtual fireside chat is a little different as we reach out to Greenbox Architecture to see how the Sydney practice is approaching leadership during COVID-19 as a studio. Greenbox works across a variety of project types and sizes from single dwellings to multi-res, office fit-outs, data centres and commercial buildings. Its focus as […]

Hames Sharley appoints Melbourne studio lead

Australian architecture and design practice Hames Sharley has appointed Elise Miles Simonovski as its new studio leader for Victoria. Originally from Canberra, Simonovski brings 17 years of experience within the design and construction industry, fulfilling various roles and client relations spanning Commercial, Education and Defence portfolios. “I’m very excited to join Hames Sharley, be a […]

ABC to premiere documentary on Richard Leplastrier

ABC is set to premiere a documentary on the Australian architect Richard Leplastrier, filmed over the course of 15 years. Richard Leplastrier – Framing the View premieres on 12 May and is the work of documentarian Anna Cater, who is known for the 2010 documentary Dick Smith’s Population Puzzle, which also aired on ABC. The […]

“Look to the new avenues” to come after COVID-19, says Shannon Peach

Amid the doom and gloom predictions for our economy and the A&D industry, Milieu director Shannon Peach advises practices to prepare for the “deferred activity” that he believes will come later this year. In our latest virtual fireside chat with Australian architects and designers about leadership in the time of COVID-19, the director of the […]

“Beware of rushing into new areas to make up for lost business,” says Paul Conrad

Weather the storm by sticking to your current strategies and not rushing into new fields is Paul Conrad’s leadership advice to practices working through the coronavirus pandemic. In the second of our virtual fireside chats with Australian architects and designers about leadership in the time of COVID-19, the principal of the eponymous Melbourne architectural and […]

Designers shouldn’t waste time “spinning their wheels” says Rob Mills

With the coronavirus outbreak causing cancelled or postponed projects, it can be tempting for designers to go into overdrive seeking out new business, but Rob Mills says that’s not the best use of your time. “I’ve been through three recessions, now this is the fourth, and I’ve looked back over those times and I realised […]

“Maintain a mindset to continue the innovation of your team,” says Jeremy Bull

“Stay positive and protect your capital so that you can explode out of the gates when the market finds its new normal” is Alexander & CO. principal Jeremy Bull’s advice to practices dealing with the coronavirus outbreak. In the first of our Working from Home series, where we speak to Australian interior designers and architects […]

Robin Boyd-winning architect Gabriel Poole dies

Gabriel Poole, Robin Boyd Award for Residential Architecture winner and 1998 Royal Australian Institute of Architecture Gold Medalist, passed away yesterday of natural causes aged 85. The Poole House, designed in 1962, while still a student draftsman in Robin Gibson’s office, was his first home in Brisbane’s Sherwood. In the 1970s, Poole established Atelier-Two-Designs with […]