Sullivan+Strumpf to launch The Guardians by contemporary artist Nithiyendran

One of Australia’s most exciting contemporary artists Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran is set to showcase his exhibition The Guardians at Sydney Sullivan+Strumpf across four exciting weeks. Opening October 14, Nithiyendran’s major solo exhibition will feature creative references to his diverse global influences and gestures to broad histories related to sculptural and ritualistic icons designed to protect […]

School for vulnerable students completed by Gray Puksand

The Melbourne City Mission’s Hester Hornbrook Academy Sunshine campus by Gray Puksand is a project built on establishing values of “community and belonging” for Victoria’s most disadvantaged youths. Leveraging on The Academy’s values of community and belonging, the practice created a contemporary and purposeful learning space for Sunshine, located 12km west of the CBD. In […]

Hassell appoints six new principals

Hassell made 59 promotions across its global studios at the end of last month, adding six new principals to its leadership team. Speaking of the announcement, Hassell’s managing director Steve Coster described the appointments as a balanced representation of the practice, “including gender and geographic locations. “These promotions reflect each individual’s contribution toward designing the world’s best places […]

Apartments are the future of the Australian market – Plus Architecture’s Chrisney Formosa

Chrisney Formosa can see the future. It is bright and innovative, like the apartments she loves to design.   Speaking with ADR recently, the associate and lead designer at Plus Architecture Brisbane describes her aim to shift perceptions and practices of Australian apartment architecture. Formosa envisages a housing market that thrives on smart, bespoke and considered apartment design.  Recent years have seen setbacks in the industry. Cracked […]

We’re so passionate about “bringing the soul back” to Perth – State of Kin

Perth architecture is undergoing a steady and exciting shift towards “authentic” design outcomes, says local design studio State of Kin. Speaking to ADR recently, directors Alessandra French and Ara Salomone say the city is full of inspirational creatives, but suffers from a “big education gap” when it comes to design choices. “We’ll call you back,” […]

Optimistic architecture with TheFulcrum.Agency

TheFulcrum.Agency co-founders Emma Williamson and Kieran Wong talk about creating their own luck in Perth and finding a business model for optimistic architecture. Kieran Wong and Emma Williamson thrive on reinvention. The business partners and couple create their own paradigms for architectural practice that always fall outside of the established frame, innovative in both form […]

Supporting emerging architects “enriches your professional growth” – Eva-Marie Prineas

Actively involving and mentoring emerging architects creates a more “unified industry,” says Sydney architect Eva-Marie Prineas. Speaking to ADR recently, Prineas says established architects and the industry both have a role to play in providing graduates with more opportunities to develop their skills. “I think you lead by example. In my own practice, I have […]

“Great design shouldn’t just be accessible to the one per cent” – Studio Tate’s Carley Nicholls

Not making great design accessible to the wider community is a missed opportunity for architects and designers in Australia to enhance people’s lives, says Studio Tate director Carley Nicholls. “There’s so much that design can achieve and maximising those opportunities is really important,” Nicholls tells ADR. “You don’t just want it to be for the […]

“The real challenge for architects today is not to be redundant” – MORQ

There is something enigmatic about MORQ. Elisa Scarton catches up with the Perth and Rome-based practice to talk place, methodology and the eternal quest to stay relevant in an ever-changing industry. I discovered its project ЯĒ purely by chance. Freefalling through design websites in a sensory overloaded sea of interiors brimming with colours and objects […]

Getting to know architect and designer Daniel Boddam

There is something very zen about Sydney and Byron Bay-based architect and furniture designer Daniel Boddam. Maybe it’s the very fact he leads an envious Australian lifestyle, splitting his time between homes in both places. Or just because many of his furniture designs embody this incredible calm with an organic beauty and inherent softness. His […]

“Indigenous architecture is not a style, but a culturally appropriate process” – Alison Page

All architecture in Australia should be an act of co-creation with Indigenous Australians and Indigenous design principles, says interior designer and Walbanga and Wadi Wadi woman Alison Page. In her new book, Design: Building on Country, cowritten with Paul Memmott, Page outlines how all buildings, no matter their use, should be an extension of Country. […]