Q&ADR: Catherine Hunter, filmmaker

“When you’re spending time, for example, with an architect in the houses they’ve built (often staying overnight to get last light and early morning shots) it’s a fantastic experience.” Award-winning filmmaker Catherine Hunter discusses her life and work, which spans documentaries on a number of artists and photographers, as well as architects Glenn Murcutt and Cox.

Q&ADR: Hiromi Lauren of Shiro Architects

This week we meet Hiromi Lauren, who worked with Harry Seidler for around 20 years and is now the director of her own studio, Shiro Architects. Lauren shares the lessons she learnt from Seidler and discusses winning the Australian Institute of Architects 2017 Queensland state commercial architecture award.

When size matters: Mette Lange Architects

When people like Bill and Melinda Gates give away millions to philanthropic causes there are always those people who point the finger and say it’s easy to be charitable when you’re a billionaire. But what would they say to a tiny architectural practice in Denmark, which manages to do good and still be a successful business?

Q&ADR with Ed Glenn

Every week in our Q&ADR column, ADR interviews an architect, designer, object maker or industry person about who they are beyond the work – their life, inspiration, challenges and aspirations. This week we talk with Ed Glenn, principal and director at Powell & Glenn, about his early attempts at model making, the changing expectations of […]

Q&ADR: Joshua Amsellem of Technē

Not your average polar bear, Francesco Binfaré's latest design statement

Working with Edra from the start, Italian designer Francesco Binfaré has produced some of the brand's classics, including the recent Pack and Chiara sofa.

Liveable aged-care: Ann-Maree Ruffles on new design approaches