Authentic and on the radar – Williams Burton Leopardi

There is an authenticity to Williams Burton Leopardi (WBL) projects that is reflective of the personalities of the Adelaide-based design practice’s directors, David Burton and Sophia Leopardi. The history of WBL is rich and extensive. The architecture and interior design studio was founded in 1983 by Robert Williams, before evolving into Williams Burton in 1996 […]

Kirsti Simpson joins Woods Bagot’s Brisbane studio

Kirsti Simpson has been designing ground-breaking workplaces and commercial towers for international and local clients for 25 years, says Nik Karalis, CEO Woods Bagot.

The carved and considered touch of Adam Kane

Adam Kane has made a space for himself in the Australian design scene, carving his way to the top with an aesthetic that is beautifully Brutalist and monastically memorable. There is a thoughtfulness to Adam Kane that may have everything to do with the meandering nature of the conversation on a slow Friday afternoon or […]

What the ‘new normal’ means for some of Australia’s biggest practices

Australian practices have been waxing lyrical about the future of work and workplaces for the better part of two years, but what does that mean for the industry itself? “The notion of a hybrid workplace is frightening for some older architects and designers who have always had a large desk full of their kid’s photos […]

Carter Williamson bolsters senior leadership team

Getting to know Katherine Burdett from Noble Architecture