Q&ADR: Joshua Amsellem of Technē

“I’m inspired by projects that challenge established assumptions and innovate in their approach.” ADR speaks to Joshua Amsellem, who has recently joined the Technē Architecture multi-residential team, as he discusses his inspirations, the future of multi-res and why he loves The Heller Street residences.

Q&ADR: Populous’ Michael Lockwood

“It’s vital for city officials to view these opportunities for their broader development potential. If you’re looking at conference centres as simply standalone facilities, you’re not fully capitalising on your investment.” Lockwood discusses his work on convention centres, and why it’s imperative that these buildings are ‘extroverted’.

Q&ADR: Sharyn Lowe of Flaunt

ADR talks to Sharyn Lowe – managing director of Flaunt Media and Marketing. Lowe manages the PR for many clients in the art, architecture and design sphere, and discusses her love of design, how architects and designers can market themselves better, and who she has her money on as the next big thing in Australian design.

WEST: Derek Swalwell’s latest photography collection

“WEST arose from a long-running fascination of the type of sun-bleached Americana that exists around LA, and all the way to Las Vegas. It’s a special sort of grand, faded architecture with people to match.” Architectural photographer Derek Swalwell will be presenting his latest exhibition of works this month, from April 27.

Q&ADR: Steffen Welsch of Steffen Welsch Architects

Jewellery for the bathroom

Bathroom Butler is a leading manufacturer of bathroom accessories and heated towel rails. Bathroom Butler is progressively changing the way home owners perceive their bathrooms with the appliances and accessories they choose to install.

Q&ADR: Shahana McKenzie, CEO of AILA