Emerging Practice: Room 11

Thomas Bailey explains how the sheds and school buildings of country Tasmania sparked his love of architecture, a love that would eventually grow into him opening his own studio, Room 11.

Q&ADR: Kurt Crisp and Peter Ahern of buck&simple

“Often it’s the little detail here or concept there; that cool idea you got the client to agree to, that component or part of the programme that brings a sense of play, something that makes you stop and say, ‘Cool’.” ADR meets Kurt Crisp and Peter Ahern, co-founders and directors of buck&simple. The pair discusses how details can make a project, taking risky, but great leaps, and the thrill of being free of plans.

If the road is clear, merge right: Grieve Gillett Andersen

A great merger is like a great marriage, with two parties finding they are better together than they were on their own. But how do you find the one who will be the right fit? Paul Gillett and Dimitty Andersen of Grieve Gillett Andersen say their experience was very like a courtship. And so far it’s been a very happy marriage indeed.

Q&ADR: Studio Dot’s Steele Olney

“Mother Nature is the greatest architect.” ADR talks to Steele Olney, founding director of Studio Dot, a practice that he named after his daughter. Olney discusses how travel made him a rounded architect, designing his family home, and his teenage dream of designing cars.

Q&ADR: Hayball’s Marcus Ieraci

Announcing the winners of the 2017 Shaw Contract Design Awards

Now in its eleventh year, Shaw Contract’s Design Awards program honors architecture and design firms that are changing the way people engage and interact with a space.

Q&ADR: Hiromi Lauren of Shiro Architects