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Nov 23, 2011
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Jerry, congratulations on being shortlisted for the Designer of the Year award for IDEA 2011. What have been the most enjoyable projects for you this year?
We have a terrific beach house in Torquay nearing completion, due to finish in March/April. It has quite a complex structure, however the builder seemed to bring it together with ease.
Mid-year we completed a fabulous beach house in Mount Martha for a young family. They’ve moved in and have grown from a family of three to four in the meantime. As well as that, we also have three stunning beachfront apartments nearing completion.

And what have been your more challenging moments for 2011?
My partner Christina gave birth to Sophia in May, so we’ve had a little less sleep this year! We made the call to move out of the city into the house, which has been fantastic for us as a new family.
At work we’ve experienced busy and quiet times, so it has been difficult to read the market and at times to maintain a positive outlook in the studio and even workflow – but we’re solid for the foreseeable future with a large range of exciting projects.

Your Hill Plains House has received a lot of attention and awards this year, for its rugged, robust aesthetic as well as its passive design principles. What were your key motivations for this project?
Like all of our projects, a consistent underlying approach is to appreciate the context and how that can positively impact the design response.

Can you talk about the design concept for your apartment fitout, The Bent Wedge in Melbourne?
It was like a warehouse shell, a fitout; however, the space wasn’t constructed when we prepared the design. It was also to be elevated 23 floors above the ground, so we used maps to pinpoint the major views. From the client’s initial brief, this project was an attempt to maximise the views, yet provide a safe haven for the occupants. That is what the wedge is about, a platform to look out from or retreat into.

What other projects are you working on now, and what do you have in the pipeline for next year?
We’re currently documenting a number of beach houses to be constructed in Portsea, Blairgowrie and Mount Eliza early next year and an exciting retail development for the main street of Port Douglas. We have a mix of multi-residential projects in seaside communities and there has been a significant interest in rural dwellings on large acreage sites. We’ve been working on a range of factory built projects, the first of which is a funky commercial building to be constructed mid year.

Wolveridge Architects is one of six firms nominated for the Designer of the Year: Judges’ Award at IDEA 2011, sponsored by Corporate Culture.

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