Sheer architecture: Ensamble’s elemental structures

As technological advances abstract us from the natural world, some architects and built environment specialists seek to emphasise the impact of the elements through their work – creating seemingly impossible homes on cliff faces, and forming remarkable structures that mirror the ravages of geological processes.

Riding high: elevated cycling track considered for Melbourne CBD

The Andrews Government's chief infrastructure adviser is considering a $100 million plan for an elevated bicycle track in Melbourne's CBD, following a plan floated by Infrastructure Victoria.

Twisting upward: The Shanghai Tower

The Shanghai Tower, the second tallest building in the world, features significant technological innovations, including a tapering asymmetrical form designed to reduce wind loads and a double curtain wall that creates space for garden atrium sky lobbies. The latest issue of AR explores the intimate elements of this giant, spiralling structure.

Sustainability and the city with Richard Hassell

Richard Hassell, director of Singapore-based practice, WOHA – pioneer of sustainable, tall buildings – talks to AR magazine about liveability, high-rise in the tropics and a new book that explores both.

Change of tack: taking architectural cues from nature

Architects in Perth are like sailors, taking their tactical cues from the skies and winds, to deliver homes that do more than merely shelter. MEZZANINE explores a selection of homes that are designed to incorporate and take complete advantage of their natural surrounds.

Cranbourne-Pakenham sky rail: a high or low for Melbourne planning?

Nine kilometres of the Cranbourne-Pakenham train line will be raised above ground to form a sky rail in a new plan by the Andrews’ Government, set to begin this year. Many are upset by the proposal - but will a sky rail be a positive or a negative for Melbourne’s south east?

Are these Australia’s worst planning decisions?

Melbourne’s former planning minister Matthew Guy – aptly dubbed 'Mr Skyscraper' – approved some debatable planning decisions for the city. Regrettably however, issues stemming from the development of poorly planned high-rises are an Australia-wide concern.

Tiny houses, big queues

With popular TV series Tiny House Nation now onto season four, and dedicated small space living festivals in Quebec and the US attracting many thousands of visitors, tiny houses are big overseas. But what potential do they have for Australian neighbourhoods?

Tiny houses: how living small can mean living big

Following an American trend, the tiny house movement is a social push towards downsized living. Hundreds of Australians – families included – are joining the movement, and their reasons are varied: environmental, financial, ease of construction.

The Garma Cultural Knowledge Centre

The recently completed Garma Cultural Knowledge Centre at Gulkula expresses Yolngu knowledge, power, and identity through the medium of contemporary architectural design.

Q+A ASPECT Studios: Mud pies and wild play

The proposed Ian Potter Wild Play Garden will see renowned landscape architects ASPECT Studios work with Centennial Parklands to bring back 'wild play' for children and their carers within Sydney's most loved park.