Victorian Landscape Architecture Awards winners announced

The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) announced the winners yesterday, including ASPECT Studios who took home three prizes fresh off its previous win at the AILA NSW Landscape Architecture Awards.

World’s first Tesla town to be built in Melbourne

Is this the green suburb of the future? Using Elon Musk's groundbreaking Powerwall technology, a new development planned for inner city Melbourne is set to become a sustainable battery-powered precinct.

Docklands tower light show reflects weather forecast

"I wanted to be able to reflect something that Melburnians can connect with and something that hasn’t been done anywhere else in the world." Melbourne's first real-time weather light show, designed by Bruce Ramus, is currently on display upon the 15-storey tower at 888 Collins Street in Docklands.

Earthquake-resistant modular homes for Christchurch

Melbourne-based business Habitech Systems has partnered with Christchurch-based building company LiteGreen Projects to produce modular, earthquake-resilient, and sustainable homes for New Zealanders.

Habitat: balancing work, life, and the environment

"The masterplan is where the real smarts of the project lies – there is in-built permeability to the surrounding areas, dual frontages to dwellings to allow the live/work idea to flourish, community facilities, and a wetland for the native Wallam froglets." Architect Dominic Finlay-Jones talks ADR through Habitat, Byron Bay’s new mixed-use business hub.

Aussie prefab homes made from recycled plastic to cyclone-proof island villages

"There is no way that any company that we know of could do what we did, and now there are 1200 people who are safe from the next cyclone," says Nev Hyman. After years of surfing the world's waters, Hyman collaborated with Ken McBride of HASSELL to create cyclone-proof prefab homes for remote villages, constructed from recycled waste plastic.

Sheer architecture: Ensamble’s elemental structures

As technological advances abstract us from the natural world, some architects and built environment specialists seek to emphasise the impact of the elements through their work – creating seemingly impossible homes on cliff faces, and forming remarkable structures that mirror the ravages of geological processes.

Riding high: elevated cycling track considered for Melbourne CBD

The Andrews Government's chief infrastructure adviser is considering a $100 million plan for an elevated bicycle track in Melbourne's CBD, following a plan floated by Infrastructure Victoria.

Twisting upward: The Shanghai Tower

The Shanghai Tower, the second tallest building in the world, features significant technological innovations, including a tapering asymmetrical form designed to reduce wind loads and a double curtain wall that creates space for garden atrium sky lobbies. The latest issue of AR explores the intimate elements of this giant, spiralling structure.

Sustainability and the city with Richard Hassell

Richard Hassell, director of Singapore-based practice, WOHA – pioneer of sustainable, tall buildings – talks to AR magazine about liveability, high-rise in the tropics and a new book that explores both.

Change of tack: taking architectural cues from nature

Architects in Perth are like sailors, taking their tactical cues from the skies and winds, to deliver homes that do more than merely shelter. MEZZANINE explores a selection of homes that are designed to incorporate and take complete advantage of their natural surrounds.