“As Australian architects, we can address climate change” – Caroline Pidcock.

Following the release of the latest IPCC climate report, ADR reached out to AIA 2021 Leadership in Sustainability Prize joint winner and Australian Architects Declare spokesperson Caroline Pidcock. A prominent advocate for sustainable development, Pidock explains how architects and designers can help prevent catastrophic climate change. As the IPCC AR6 Synthesis report clunked into our inboxes last month, […]

“All the technology required to solve climate change is already here” – Liam Young

Speculative architect Liam Young may not have a magic bullet for climate change, but he’s proving it can be done in his provocative short film, Planet City. “This isn’t another negative story about how we’re all going to die from climate change,” Liam Young says, as his Uber navigates traffic one summer evening in Los […]

Fender Katsalidis becomes Australia’s largest carbon neutral-certified practice

Fender Katsalidis has become the country’s largest architecture practice to receive carbon neutral certification this week. Carbon neutral certification has been available to Australian businesses since 2010 and is issued by Climate Active – an ongoing partnership between the Australian government and businesses to drive voluntary climate action. The certification is awarded to those that […]

Ten architect-designed gardens that feel like sanctuaries

It’s hard to think of a better way to spend a few moments on a Monday than soothing the soul with some beautifully designed gardens. Across the globe, architects and designers are putting pen to paper to create what can be best described as spatial shorthands for sanctuary. From local parks to outdoor museums and city […]

ASPECT Studios creates playful curvaceous sky park in Chengdu