The debate: the monograph

To produce a monograph or not, that is the question... Stephen Webb and Christon Batey-Smith debate the pros and cons with Stefan Mee.

How content marketing can benefit architects

In businesses with high-value audiences and long sales cycles, content marketing is one of the most powerful forms of reaching an audience and influencing its perception of a brand. But for the clients, stakeholders and owners in the architecture industry, it need not - and indeed, should not, be limited to blogs and social media posts.

How architects can take advantage of virtual reality

The rise of virtual reality presents a number of opportunities to architects, including huge advantages when presenting your ideas to builders and clients. Meanwhile, the commercialisation of this technology has brought it into the hands of almost anyone with a smartphone and as little as $50.

Considerations for starting an architecture practice

There's an allure of being the boss that promises complete artistic control and the ability to pick and choose projects at will. In reality, this is seldom the case, and it's not so much starting a practice as it is starting a business.

The ethics of unpaid overtime

Many architects have struggled with the question of how to deal with the culture of long hours. But it’s important to recognise that there are wider societal issues that unpaid overtime creates.

IP – an architect’s foundation stone

Often overlooked is the fact that many of the ideas of architects are patentable. And with a patent, the architect can obtain an ‘exclusivity’ for a 20-year term. So what sort of ‘architectural’ ideas are patentable?

Architects concerned employers prioritise BIM skills over design capabilities

Architectural professionals are concerned that some employers are prioritising a candidate’s building information modelling (BIM) software skills over their design capabilities, says recruitment agency Hays.

Taking care of business: Charles Wright

Charles Wright estimates he spends just as much time on administration as he does on design, but he's not complaining.

A touching solution: access control solutions for sufferers of dementia

Access control for people with dementia and related conditions is a significant issue for those creating the infrastructure where sufferers will live, reports Shayne Bamford. Lateral thinking has led to the development of a product and system that makes it all that much easier.

Making a silk purse: Ken Shuttleworth

When Ken Shuttleworth left Foster and Partners after 30 years to start his own practice, he worried that he might make a pig's ear of it. But he went ahead and did it anyway...

Is ‘closing the loop’ the new future proofing?

"Good architects think long-term and play the long game.” Creating a balance between form and function has long been the challenge for architects, but now there is a new imperative – closing the loop.