Good design key in tight market

In an increasingly crowded market, retail chain IGA has employed the services of design firm loopcreative to fashion a point of difference for its Summer Hill store. With Coles, Woolworths and Aldi – as well as new online operators – competing aggressively on price, the owners of the Summer Hill store are targeting the high-end […]

When size matters: Mette Lange Architects

When people like Bill and Melinda Gates give away millions to philanthropic causes there are always those people who point the finger and say it’s easy to be charitable when you’re a billionaire. But what would they say to a tiny architectural practice in Denmark, which manages to do good and still be a successful business?

The digital tech behind McBride Charles Ryan’s architecture

The journey from a set of problems presented by a client to the architects’ final solution can take many different roads. Debbie-Lyn Ryan from McBride Charles Ryan (MCR) says this road requires a combination of a flexible approach and using the right tools for the job. “Normally the client will give us a brief of […]

The debate: Life after death

Can an architectural practice survive the demise of a ‘starchitect’? Recent events have prompted Edwin Heathcote and Simon Nelson to tackle this timely topic.

Reach for the skies: access control at airports

The ethics of unpaid overtime