A multidisciplined yet specialised approach

To be multidisciplined or specialise? It’s a debate that often comes up for many businesses, and particularly so for architecture and design practices.

Perceptions of doors

What’s the one thing that every single person touches every single day, without giving it a moment’s thought? It’s time designers gave greater consideration to door handles and furniture when specifying on projects. Everyone knows what door handles are, but what about door furniture? Simply put, it’s a catch-all expression referring to any fixtures and […]

Good design key in tight market

In an increasingly crowded market, retail chain IGA has employed the services of design firm loopcreative to fashion a point of difference for its Summer Hill store. With Coles, Woolworths and Aldi – as well as new online operators – competing aggressively on price, the owners of the Summer Hill store are targeting the high-end […]

When size matters: Mette Lange Architects

When people like Bill and Melinda Gates give away millions to philanthropic causes there are always those people who point the finger and say it’s easy to be charitable when you’re a billionaire. But what would they say to a tiny architectural practice in Denmark, which manages to do good and still be a successful business?

The debate: Life after death

Sorona® Naturals Collection

Sorona Naturals Collection is the latest innovation in carpet tiles and planks brought to you exclusively by Godfrey Hirst.

How architects can take advantage of virtual reality