ARKit’s prefab house

Jul 21, 2010
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This time-lapse video shows the construction of the latest prefab house designed by Melbourne-based design studio, ARKit.

The building was assembled by a team of six in the ARKit studio in Sunshine North, before being transferred to Melbourne for the State of Design festival.

The EcoStudio is the culmination of 6 years of internal R&D prototyping, and one year of development with Tai Hollingsbee, Principle Engineer at GHD.

The 50sqm building contains a bedroom, bathroom, living space and services hub. The sustainable design incorporates a compartmental wall panel system with built-in insulation, a green roof, water saving technologies and a full life-cycle analysis.

The prefabricated house, called the EcoStudio, was assembled as part of the State of Design Festival, which runs from 14-25 July in Melbourne. It is currently sitting in the ACCA courtyard – for a full list of events taking place in the house, visit the ARKit website.
State of Design

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29 Jul 10 at 12:46 PM • Bartek Klimczak

As an architect and former prefab addict. I momentarily get excited by this until i realise that it would in no way comply with any laws, cost a fortune in offsite one off production and or be sucked dry by overpaid electrical and hydralic trades, resulting in a building that the picket fence neighbourhood would condemn and hold bake sales to raise money to have it burnt to the ground.
Welcome to Australia

04 Aug 11 at 1:28 AM • University of Western Sydney

This is an outstanding creation, we would love the Creators to come and speak to our Building and Engineering Departments. Present to our students.

04 Aug 11 at 1:29 AM • Barry O'farrell

These types of ecofriendly, cost effective, prefabricated housing could be used to solve Sydney’s housing problems


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