• The debate: insourcing versus outsourcing


    To insource or outsource: that is the question. John Wardle and Lindsay Urquhart Riba debate the pros and cons.

  • Watch: Glenn Murcutt: Spirit of Place

    Glenn Murcutt portrait 1© Bruce Inglis

    “The ensuing story of the project is one that goes to show that architecture isn’t just grand edifices, but rather, at best, it can change the way people think and can bring people together. It shows you what great architecture can do.” Glenn Murcutt: Spirit of Place will air on ABC TV on December 6 at 9.30pm.

  • WAF 2016 recap: a return to Europe


    Australian architecture, the outgoing US President and Zaha Hadid’s ‘Potato’ – Peter Bennetts reflects on the Ninth World Architecture Festival in Berlin for ADR.

  • Layered Light


    Beyond the vitreous layers that shield our homes, contemporary glass is taking on a dynamic new dimension. Stephen Todd writes for MEZZANINE.

  • Brain trust: why is architecture a male-dominated industry?


    AR asks a panel of experts in the industry to respond to the question: architecture has long been a male dominated industry. Why do you think this is and is it changing?

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