May 24


The last few years have seen Vivid go through a maturing phase that this year brings it back on track as a festival of light. Effectively, the festival was too successful and ran away from the organisers, with too many stakeholders to allow for a good creative lead. This appears to have been checked with […]

Jun 01

London Festival of Architecture

The LFA celebrates London as the global hub for architecture. Through an annual month-long festival each June we engage the public and the profession in the conversation around architecture and our city. What makes us unique is that our vast programme of more than 500 unique events is delivered by a diverse mix of independent […]

Jun 20

2019 National Architecture Conference

Collective Agency is the theme of the 2019 National Architecture Conference, reminding us that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and with unity comes an ability to affect an outcome. This year’s event will encourage reflection on today’s challenges, the articulation of more meaningful protocols, and most importantly, the willingness to […]

Jun 20

Denfair 2019

DENFAIR is Australia’s leading destination for contemporary design for professional designers, architects, interior stylists and design-lovers. Our curated design event, refined over four years and held annually in Melbourne, has become the connection point where today hundreds of local and international brands come together in their passion for design to utilise DENFAIR as a platform […]

Jun 20

San Francisco Design Week

SFDW is an essential week long city-wide festival that showcases the unique intersection of ideas, design, business and entrepreneurialism.

Jun 25

Australian Smart Skyscrapers Summit 2019

Cities in the Sky: Transforming the Broader Urban Fabric The more populated our cities become, the taller and more vertical grow the buildings housed within them. Traditional notions of skyscrapers being isolating, unimaginative structures are cast aside as we begin to embrace the potential of tall buildings not only aiding wellness and social interaction, but […]

Jun 27

Lines and Tangles – an exhibition by Dianna Snape

Award-winning architecture and design photographer Dianna Snape is to present her first solo exhibition in Melbourne on Thursday, June 27. The 13 images present Snape’s prowess with the craft of aerial photography while the subject matter, the Tarangire National Park, Tanzania, is a place close to her heart. Having forged a bond with the Tanzanian […]