Oct 04

Hyundai commission: Philippe Parreno at Tate Modern

Dramatic, engaging and immersive, Parreno’s work pushes audiences to experience the art exhibition as a whole via video, sculpture, sound and performance.

Mar 18

Top Design 2017 at Melbourne Museum

Experience the innovation and creativity of Victoria’s emerging young designers. Explore furniture, fashion, graphic and product design, film, print layout, photography, animation, food product planning, websites and mechanical and electronic projects created by VCE Food and Technology, Media, Product Design and Technology, Systems Engineering, VET Interactive Digital Media and Visual Communication Design students.

Apr 27

WEST: Derek Swalwell

Well-known architectural photographer Derek Swalwell will be presenting his latest exhibition of works this month, entitled WEST. This collection of large format landscapes feature scenes from Los Angeles, Las Vegas and the Sonoran Desert­­­­­­­ and were taken between 2015 and 2016. WEST is Swalwell’s perspective on this part of America, with its dated buildings, faded […]