• Little Group

    little f1

    When beauty and sophistication come together in a project the designer has achieved the brief. Miriam Fanning and Lauren Foy of Mim Design have done just this with a perfect marriage of style, substance and complexity in their design for the Little Group offices.

  • Breeding chairs of the future

    breed f

    Designer Jan Habraken’s Chairgenics project revolves around ‘breeding’ the ideal chair by applying the principles of genetic engineering to design inanimate objects.

  • Contemporary designs from Rouse Phillips

    rug f

    Sydney-based textile company Rouse Phillips’ latest range of products includes hand-painted fabrics in bespoke designs and a series of kilims and hand knotted rugs.

  • Zhou Zhou Bar, South Yarra

    zhou f

    The interiors of this Chapel Street bar have been created by Hecker Guthrie and the design is all Shanghai with deference to one of the city’s most famous area, The Bund.

  • A fine union

    instyle f

    The recent launch of a new range of products from Instyle and Workshopped reflects an Australian success story where grower, artisan, manufacturer and retailer meet and together they share a vision of fine Australian products.