• Decoration is king


    With a shift to apartment living, a new aesthetic of style and substance is permeating our cities. And more than evolving a style, the new approach to apartment living is evolving taste, as Kathy McKinnon discovers.

  • Hollywood House

    hollywood house7

    In Beverly Hills, architect Linda Brettler strips away a Spanish Revival house’s polyglot renovations. More private moments of splendour are encountered in the bathrooms, where extensive tiling pays homage to Los Angeles’ erstwhile status as the centre of American pottery.

  • Curvy: Birchgrove House

    birchgrove house lead

    Offsetting the slim geometry of a Birchgrove terrace with the vertical heft and elegance of a curving stairwell, TFAD has created a home for the ages.

  • Panorama Drive

    ovp queenslander lead

    Taking a fresh look at the environment surrounding this lovely old Queenslander, Owen and Vokes and Peters have breathed fresh life and purpose into this family home.

    This project featured in (inside) Interior Design Review issue 82.

  • Two Victorian studios win at BDAV Building Design Awards

    bdav lead

    Australian Design Review congratulates Melbourne Design Studios and Hunter and Richardson, who were both awarded at the Building Design Awards for excellence in interior design.

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