• Cultural ribbon or coastal connections?

    kastrup coe lead

    The City of Sydney’s program of design excellence forums recently focused on cultural precinct planning. With three of the city’s iconic beaches currently undergoing renewal, what is the role of the seaside CBD in the context of Sydney’s cultural identity? Written by ADR’s contributing online editor, Sara Anne Best.

  • IDEA Retrospective: Breathe Architecture

    the national lead

    Jeremy McLeod of Breathe reflects on winning both the hospitality award for the National Hotel refurbishment and the Designer of the Year award at IDEA 2012, in an interview with CATC student Eliza Sanby.

  • IDEA Gold Medallist Janne Faulkner

    janne faulkner lead

    Since establishing Nexus Designs in 1967, Janne Faulkner has been internationally recognised as one of Australia’s most influential leading designers. Faulkner reviews her illustrious career in an insightful interview with CATC student Samantha Miller.