View Projects Submitted By Our Readers

View Projects Submitted By Our Readers

  • Blonde Robot Head Office

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    As fans of simple beer establishments with a slight industrial feel, the clients wanted to bring a well-worn and character-filled design aesthetic to their new office premises.

  • Yarraville House by Nic Owen Architects


    The project involved cost-efficient renovation of an old residence into a modern house for a growing family, utilising maximum space and light and providing a better connection to the outdoor space.

  • Philip Stejskal Architecture’s Bellevue Terrace project

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    The project comprised alterations and additions to an existing 1890′s duplex that was disconnected from its garden due to a difference in platform and an oddly located bathroom.

  • Lane Cove Apartments, Sydney

    lane f

    The project, undertaken by Redshift Architecture & Art, is designed to offer a variety of design and view options so as to cater to a range of prospective residents.

  • Redshift Architecture & Art’s Dulwich Hill housing project

    dul f

    The design of this modest development project allows for indoor and outdoor living spaces to take advantage of the north-easterly aspect whilst engaging with the street and maintaining privacy.

  • FMD Architects presents Jack’s House


    The new extension of the house negotiates between two buildings of different eras and allows the old house to open itself up to natural light and ventilation and provide a large open plan living and dining area.