• The Forrest Shed

    shed house1

    A review of a small single residence in Canberra, designed by Collins Caddaye Architects. Situated in a heritage precinct and adjacent to a series of car parks, this urban intervention is a poignant example of micro-housing and urban densification in the city.

  • The legacy of William Toomath

    davies f

    Toomath was one of the first New Zealand architects to study at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and to bring the highest level of overseas design knowledge to local conditions, budgets and scope.

  • The Great Density Debate

    sarah hurst

    One of our contributing online editorial assistants, highlights that before attempting to accommodate the rapidly increasing population of Melbourne, we must first understand what constitutes a good housing design.

  • A Changed Landscape: Brisbane after Donovan Hill

    donovan hill shantanu starick f

    Donovan Hill decisively shifted the professional and the public conversation forward from the reheated dichotomy of modernism and the Queensland vernacular tradition.

  • Tolerance and customisation: A question of value

    parsons f

    With the devaluation of digital fabrication owing to its overuse, it is the responsibility of designers to reintroduce value into designs by synthesising multiple and complementary sources through innovative methods.