• Green shoots: the evolution of high-rise gardens


    Until recently, the Great Australian Dream meant life in a suburban house and garden. Dense new towers in Australian cities beg the question – how can we reconcile high-rise apartment living with suburban life? Graham Crist looks at inventive methods of incorporating greenery within the city for AR.

  • Architecture and the Internet of Things


    Architects revel in design, pushing the bounds of the discipline through their pursuit of innovation. With the advent of connective technologies like cloud-based working, we are squarely in the sharing age – and the architecture and design industries are evolving to keep up with the rapid pace of change.

  • The contentious role of public art


    The price for public artwork is often high, but if a council, investor or developer makes the right decision, it can be the drawcard that leads to significant economic gains. In AR144, Fenella Kernebone investigates the role that public art plays and how it can become a destination in its own right.

  • The built legacy of Romaldo Giurgola

    Romaldo Giurgola

    This week, the architectural community lost Italian academic and architect Romaldo Giurgola at 95 years of age. Internationally-renouned for his work on Parliament House in Canberra, Giurgola was also behind a number of other significant works across the country. ADR takes a look at the architect’s built legacy on Australian shores.

  • Abode318′s shifting façade

    Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 11.02.13 am

    “From a distance the building appears to ripple and bulge, while close-up the individual apartments become legible. The undulating form has a performative effect by minimising the wind downdraft at street level.” AR magazine talks to Caleb Smith of Elenberg Fraser about the studio’s golden tower, Abode318.

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