• Should architects register upon graduation?

    architect grad lead

    Many aspiring (and registered) architects around the world have been calling for the radical reform of the architect registration process. ADR’s contributing online editorial assistant, Wesley Perrott, looks at changes being made in architectural registration in the UK and US, in comparison with Australia.

  • West End Tower – a Queenslander reborn

    west end lead

    Notions of cultural preservation and continuing local architectural traditions are at work in OVP’s alteration of a Federation-era timber Queenslander in Brisbane’s West End. This project was featured in AR135 – Elements.

  • Beyond ruin porn: what’s behind our obsession with decay?

    ruin minneapolis

    The interest in documenting abandoned buildings with crumbling structures and desolate atmospheres has been a subject of much debate recently. An article by Shayari De Silva.

  • Medical Science 2 at the University of Tasmania

    UTAS Night Lead

    Lyons Architecture’s innovative window system at MS2 UTAS provides conceptual links to the landscape of Hobart while supporting critical thought for the researchers within the building. This project was featured in AR135–Elements.

  • Ardmore Residence, Singapore

    Ardmore Residence5

    We look at one of UNStudio’s recent projects in Singapore – the Ardmore Residence. The landscaping of this 36-storey luxury residential tower has given the city a character akin to a large park.