• Green aspirations at Jakarta’s Gran Rubina

    gran rubina lead

    The Gran Rubina is in many ways a refreshing departure from established notions of a traditional office block. Architect Brian Sheldon speaks to ADR about his work on the project making waves in Jakarta.

  • Cultural ribbon or coastal connections?

    kastrup coe lead

    The City of Sydney’s program of design excellence forums recently focused on cultural precinct planning. With three of the city’s iconic beaches currently undergoing renewal, what is the role of the seaside CBD in the context of Sydney’s cultural identity? Written by ADR’s contributing online editor, Sara Anne Best.

  • Should architects register upon graduation?

    architect grad lead

    Many aspiring (and registered) architects around the world have been calling for the radical reform of the architect registration process. ADR’s contributing online editorial assistant, Wesley Perrott, looks at changes being made in architectural registration in the UK and US, in comparison with Australia.