• Home run: Therefore Studio on residential design


    “In every case we try to steer our clients to go for ‘less but better’,” says Alex Lake of Therefore Studio. With a growing portfolio of hospitality projects, including the pop-up Broadsheet Restaurant and the Marquis of Lorne, Therefore Studio is now moving into residential architecture.

  • Aussie prefab homes made from recycled plastic to cyclone-proof island villages


    “There is no way that any company that we know of could do what we did, and now there are 1200 people who are safe from the next cyclone,” says Nev Hyman. After years of surfing the world’s waters, Hyman collaborated with Ken McBride of HASSELL to create cyclone-proof prefab homes for remote villages, constructed from recycled waste plastic.

  • North Point: Bringing the outdoors in

    Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 5.07.39 pm

    Subtropical architecture is challenged with the balancing act of two contrasting ideas: an openness to the setting and protection from it. MEZZANINE explores projects that embrace their surroundings with both sensibility and open arms, including a 4x4m fold-up shack.

  • Sheer architecture: Ensamble’s elemental structures


    As technological advances abstract us from the natural world, some architects and built environment specialists seek to emphasise the impact of the elements through their work – creating seemingly impossible homes on cliff faces, and forming remarkable structures that mirror the ravages of geological processes.

  • Prefab shopping centre wins Living Building Challenge


    An innovative proposal for a prefabricated shopping centre – designed to be “screwed, not glued” together and reassembled elsewhere – won the top prize at last night’s International Brickworks Living Building Challenge design competition, held at the Melbourne School of Design.

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